5 Ways to Help Your Superhero be Confident

This Friday, April 28th, is National Superhero Day.  How cool is it that superheroes get their own day of recognition!?! In honor of National Superhero Day, we've come up with 5 ways you can help your little superhero become awesomely confident:

1) Focus on the Positive

      Let your home be a "glass half full" kind of place.  We all know our 3-year old's attitude when the toast is cut just a millimeter off from the way they requested.  Try to turn this moment into a positive one and make the difference in size of the toast slices pretty cool.  "What?  One is bigger than the other!?! I guess we just have to have a contest to see who gets more bites!"




2) Give them some Independence


     Our pediatrician was always open about letting our child lead (with some boundaries of course).  For a Type A parent, this was a hard concept to grasp.  But we learned that  "I want to do it, mommy!"  meant more than just our daughter wanting to complete a task on her own.  It meant that her brain and body was ready to figure this stuff out.  Why not take a step back and give the future hero a little space to fuss a little and figure it out.  It always surprised us at how much she actually could do on her own.  


3) Let them Problem Solve   

    A trip to the Museum of Natural History with our friend, Katie, that had moved away a few years back revealed this phenomenon to me. Each time her son would present a problem he had to his mom, she simply replied, "what are you going to do about that?"  I was blown away at how this almost 4 year old calmly thought for a second and told his mom how he was going to solve that problem!  As parents, we want to help our kids through every task as much as possible.  We realize how happy it makes us feel to help our children make decisions.  While the big problem solving should still include our direction, a confident superhero can problem solve simple tasks.  "Daddy, my fork fell onto the floor."  Instead of instinctively grabbing the fork and giving them a new one (or just giving said fork back), try asking them, "Oh, what are you going to do about that?"  See what they say, or decide to do. 

4) Teach your Superhero Responsibility

     It's not a bad thing for a child to have responsibilities in their life.  Continuing to take our pediatricians advice, the moment our daughter showed us she could take her toys out of her box and put it back in, we started giving her the responsibility of picking them up.  We started to help in the beginning, but eventually, the rule became, "you got it out, you put it away."  A friend of ours confided in us at how tired she was working 2 jobs and doing 100% of the domestic work at home.  Her oldest daughter being 7, we asked her if she helps at all.  "oh no way, I'm so particular about the way I want things done, I won't allow her to do it.  While we fully understood her strong Type A personality, we lovingly advised her to just let a few things go and give the task to her daughter.  Our mom had us making our beds perfectly with military corners at the age of 6!  It was difficult to let our daughter make her own bed and see just a pile of sheets laying across the top of the bed with a massive amount of wrinkles and a proud 5 yr old saying, "I'm done, mommy!"  But, it gave us 5 minutes of my morning back to complete something else that needed to get done and she is learning to be responsible.  And our friend?  She's got a little more energy now.  

5) Simply Love Them

     Nothing in this world does our children need more than our love.  The most powerful antidote to a child's development.  Even if it's not done perfectly.  Heck, we all lose our temper at times and none of us are perfect parents! We all make mistakes, even when loving our kids, but that's okay.  One of the most rewarding things we've heard our daughter say to us is, "I love you even when you punish me."  That makes us feel like even when we second-guess our parenting, we are doing just fine. Your child needs to feel accepted and loved by you, schoolmates, friends, teachers, sports teams, and community.  And it's okay to apologize to your child for your mistakes.  Displaying how you handle your mistakes, help them learn how to deal with theirs while displaying your love for them.  Unconditional love builds a strong foundation and confidence.  


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Child superhero   superhero doll

What are your favorite tricks to help your superhero become confident?


Tricia Lee

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