Anxiety in Children

The latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida has once again sparked the debate on what we need to do to make the schools around our nation safer.  Should we ban guns?  Arm teachers and school staff?  Take better care of our kids at home + at school? No matter what our view is in this debate, we can all agree that anxiety + depression is on a sharp rise amongst school-age kids to young teens.  Recent studies show that teens + young adults are 5 to 8 times more likely to have symptoms of anxiety + depression.  Doctors + therapists have seen a tremendous spike in anxiety disorders in the last 6 years.  When anxiety + depression go unnoticed or untreated, the risk of suicide in teens increases.  That's a scary reality our children are facing today. 

It’s normal to worry or be nervous about certain situations — the first day at a new school, a math test, the problem is the degree of anxiety. If the anxiety is intense, lasts for a long time or gets in the way of normal activities, the child needs help.

Anxiety can express itself in different ways for each child.  They can have panic attacks, develop phobias, display physical symptoms like headaches, stomach ages, vomiting, etc. 

With a family member that suffers from anxiety disorder, we've seen how it can affect the family as a whole.  We wanted to create a product that can help her deal with her anxieties at home in a relaxed way, that helps the parents involvement too.  Kids can find it difficult to express their feelings in words face to face sometimes.   They may feel scared or intimidated of what the parent's reaction may be.  

As parents, we want to have the best tools under our belts to parent well.  We love our kids and only want the best for them.  But we aren't perfect.  We yell, react on the spot, sometimes punish out of anger.  It's okay when that happens sometimes.  We are only human.  

At KidEssence, we have developed a product that can help both kids with anxiety + help the parents resolve these issues.  This month, in our Facebook Group, KidEssence Family we have offered this new product to our group members.  Our anxiety eaters are proving to be a great tool to help kids with their tough issues.  The child simply writes or draws a picture of their worry/anxiety, places it inside the zippered mouth of the toy and the animal eats their anxiety away.  Later, the parent can open the mouth and read their child's problems- take time to think through the situation and how they can sit down and have a productive conversation with their child about that worry.  It's a win win for both!  

anxiety eater

If you think your child could benefit from our anxiety eaters, head over to our facebook group and place your order! They are only available for the month of March.  

Anxiety Eater

Tricia Lee

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