April Showers! 10 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained + Screen Free

As parents who value minimizing the use of screens for their kids, it can be quite the challenge on cold rainy days.  We asked our Facebook Group members what their child's favorite rainy day activity is and many replied with a GIF of a child saying, "I'm bored."  Oh Lord, we all know that scenario! Those two words repeated multiple times in one day that makes you start to twitch by early morning.  Since our theme for April is "April Showers,"  we thought we'd help you out with 10 rainy day activities that will keep your kids entertained all day without saying, "I'm bored." + away from screens:

1. Balloon Game- Don't Let the Balloon Touch the Ground: simply blow up a balloon and let them enjoy bouncing/tossing it back and forth trying to keep it from touching the ground.

2. Bake cookies together- provided you have all the ingredients on hand, cooking with your child can be a great way for them to learn a new skill while spending some great time together!


3. Laser Maze- Have a roll of leftover streamers from that birthday party just sitting around?  Get it out, tape lines down the hallway in different directions creating "laser lines" and let your kids work their wiggles and minds away at making it to the other side of the hall without touching the streamers!  Sting works too.  Need instructions: here are great tips from It's Always Autumn.

Laser Maze

4. Legos- Those amazing bricks keep most kids entertained for hours!  Make it fun with getting a little competitive + see who can build a simple structure the fastest! Pinterest has a ton of lego building ideas with random pieces!

5. Board Games- get out the board games and simple card games + enjoy good company + conversation with the little ones!  Our favorite is Uno.




6. Hopscotch- Who says this is an outdoor game!?! Use painters tape + make your hopscotch board on the floor!


7. Paint- Get out the brushes, paper + paint + make it a paint day!  Bonus if it's a bath day too!  Let them get a little messy before bathtime. If you want to avoid the mess, we really enjoy putting paint in a clear ziplock bag and taping it to the window or sliding glass door. Your child can use their finger to draw images or writing in the paint, then rub it to erase the image and draw a new one!  

Window Paint

8. Play-doh- Get those little yellow tubs out and let them have at it!  Can it get messy?  Yes.  One thing I like to do to keep the mess down is to have the child keep it on a cookie sheet.  This helps eliminate mess a little more.  Play-doh also helps work those hand and finger muscles building fine-motor skills.  

9. Body Art- Grab a large sheet of butcher paper, have your kid lay on it and trace their outline.  Then give them the tub of crayons and let them color themselves in!  Another option is large butcher paper is have your kids create a mural to hang on the wall. 

10. Build a Blanket Fort- this was one of our most favorite activities as kids.  We grabbed every blanket and sheet we were allowed to use in the house.  Along with clothespins, tacks + strings.  Our bedroom became a wall to wall fortress!  Want some convenient blankets?  Our toddler sized Minky blankets now come with the option of adding ties attached to the corners.  Perfect for tying the blanket to a chair or other object, making the blanket sturdier! Adding ties to our larger blankets are a free upgrade.  When the ties aren't in use, just tie them in a bow and enjoy the warmth of the blanket! Just let us know at checkout in the notes if you want ties!

Blanket Fort

There you have it, 10 rainy day activities to minimize the boredom and keep them screen free!  Want more ideas?  Follow our "Rainy Day Activities" Pinterest board!

Tricia Lee

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