Make Your Own Greenhouse - Craft

Erin came home from school yesterday with a homework assignment- find an object around the house that you can reuse as something else, decorate it and bring it into class tomorrow.  Erin chose an empty one-gallon plastic carton that was sitting in our recycling bin.  Master Gardener grandma got excited and suggested making a greenhouse with it.  It was a pretty cool project and Erin loved it.  We might save ALL our cartons from now on! Here is how we made a greenhouse with a plastic carton:

1) Gather your supplies- you will need 1 one-gallon plastic carton washed out and cleaned. A pair of scissors strong enough to cut the plastic and markers to decorate if you choose.  (we found only permanent markers worked on the carton.  I'm sure paint would too) One to two small pots to plant- optional, potting soil if you will be planting in pots and seeds of your choice. We used biodegradable peat pots or starter pots- the carton can fit 2 of these in it. We also used a knife to help start the cutting point.


2) Take your scissors and help your child cut along the bottom of the carton about 2 inches up.  Ours had a line at the spot around so we just cut on the line.

Cutting carton   Cut Carton

3) Have your child (or you if you like) decorate the carton as much as they wish.  Erin decided to go slim on her decorations.

decorate carton

4) Take your pot(s) and fill almost to the top with soil.  Have your child place the seeds (Erin chose the rest of her Bachelor's Buttons) according to packet directions in the soil and sprinkle a little more on top, gentle pat the soil down.

planting in pot   plant seeds in pot

5) You can either leave the pots outside in a flower/garden bed or on your porch or bring them inside.  If you're bringing them inside, place the pots inside the bottom cut piece of your carton, and simply place the top portion of the carton over it. You can tape one side to keep it on better while creating a hinge to open and close.  If you're leaving the plant outside, find a place you'd like to leave them and simply place the top part of the carton over. 

Greenhouse    homemade greenhouse

Wahla!  You've made a little greenhouse!  The carton will keep the plant warm when it's cold outside.  If it's too warm, you can simply remove the cap of the carton to help the heat escape from the carton.  You can also water the plant this way if they are outside.  Inside, you can remove the top and water. Don't forget to water your seeds in too!  Left over water in that watering can?  Have your child water the rest of your plants!

Watering plants

Cute right!?!  You might catch us making a few more of these for our plants to start early in the later winter early spring!  And neighbors, if you see them in our yard, we are not littering!  We are simply growing our little beauties under a plastic carton of warmth.  

Happy Earth Day!


Tricia Lee

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