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Lovey and BlanketIt's confession time.  Raise your hand if you had a security blanket or lovey/stuffed animal when you were a child.  Do you remember what age you were when you gave it up?  Were you embarrassed about still hanging on to that object?  My answers? Yes, I had a blanket.  and when that blanket disintegrated to a little tiny piece, I grabbed a replacement from my sister's closet.  I don't remember the exact age when that happened, maybe 5 or 6?  But I remember my mom asking me from time to time when I was going to give it up. My answer: "when I leave for college."  And I stayed true to that statement.  One morning in late August of 1999, I woke up, kissed my sweet blanket, placed it in a box in my closet and left for the 8 hr drive to start my freshman year at Washington State University. (GO COUGS!)  

I was never embarrassed about having a blanket.  I stopped bringing it to sleepovers when I hit 5th grade and only confessed my beloved to close friends after that.  Never once did I get a ridicule.  My friends would smile back and whisper, "me too!"

Did you know that 60% of children have a security object as well as 35% of ADULTS!?! Yes, over 1/3 of the adult population still have their blankie/stuffed animal, and use it!  That's right Moms and Dads, be proud and have no shame!  

In an article published on news.dose.com, by Anna Walters, she explains the importance for children to have a security object.  Here are 5 benefits of a security object:

1) They empower your child to be more independent than their peers.

2) Children feel more secure in unfamiliar situations such as daycare or school.

3) Kids with security objects are less shy and more focused than children without them.

4) With a built-in sense of security, children feel safe enough to take small risks, explore and grow.

5) Security objects help kids self-soothe and establish themselves as individuals separate from their parents.

To sum it all up, Psychologist Colleen Goddard says, "transitional objects represent the process by which a person can navigate life."

That's right parents, let those kids have their blanket, lovey or stuffed animal because, at the end of the day, we all want our kids to be healthy functioning adults when they grow up.

 So where can you find the perfect blanket, stuffed animal for lovey that will help your child feel empowered, boost their confidence, feel secure and help them grow into one amazing adult?  You can shop for all of them right here at KidEssence.

Crochet Loveys Offer Security


Tricia Lee

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