Kid's Craft- DIY Puzzles

It's amazing what a child can do when you just hand them a paper and markers.  A colorful masterpiece emerges and soon a pile of creativity is covering your countertop.  Erin has been creative with her artwork lately.  On Mother's Day, her creations were turned into puzzles for us to put together.  She allowed me to document her process to share with you. So here is Erin's DIY Puzzle:

Tools needed: Paper, markers/crayons and scissors (child safe if your kid is using them)
Step 1: Have your child color any design they want on the paper.

Rainbow drawing

Erin was pretty proud of her artwork.  She created some music notes to clap a beat to it too!

Erin with her drawing


Step 2: Cut the paper in any way you like.  The more pieces you have, the harder the puzzle!

Cutting puzzle


Step 3: Mix up the pieces and find a friend or parent to complete the puzzle!

Rainbow puzzle pieces

Rainbow puzzle complete

So simple and entertaining!  Here are a few more that Erin created:

Music Notes

music puzzle music note puzzle

Music puzzle complete

Apple with a bite taken out:

apple puzzle apple puzzle complete

While Erin chose to cut all of her puzzle pieces in squares and rectangles, she's been known to cut them more intricately.  It can get to be a real challenge to put them together! You can also find actual puzzle templates online and older kids can use them as a guide.  Print them blank like the one below and they can create their image on it.  Then simply cut along the black lines.

Puzzle Template



Tricia Lee

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