Road Trip Tips from the Kid

kids on the go lap desk

As spring break across the country is fast approaching, we are experiencing the signs of parents preparing to arm their kids with tools to keep them happy and entertained while in the car.

As we prepare for our own spring break trip to Hershey Park and Baltimore, MD in a few weeks, Erin has been hard at work planning what she wants to do in the car.  In light of all of this, we'd like to give you Erin's top 5 favorite things to do on a road trip to help you survive yours:

1. PLAY "I SPY"- the favorite game in this season of life for Erin has been a fun game of I Spy.  We usually start with the classic version- colors.  Parents, take note that the line in the middle of the road can be both yellow AND orange. Version 2 is the I Spy game of shapes.  Oh yes, there are so many shapes in that car and out the window.  Heck, even the window is a shape!  Parent tip: don't forget to look behind you as you may have just passed that shape.

2. COLOR- Erin always has a bag full of goodies and entertainment ready to grab and
head out the door.  While her lap desk pretty much stays in the car at all times, her crayons, books, and other small items like to be brought inside.  If it's one thing Erin could do all day long, it's color.  Color a picture for EVERYONE she knows.  If your road trip is an especially long one, a nice notepad or even a ream of printer paper (I'm joking) would be enough to last.  Just DON'T FORGET THE CRAYONS!

kid's bag for road trips




3. TELL STORIES- We don't know what it is about our kid, but she comes up with the silliest stories.  Stories of fairies, ghosts, zombies and mermaids all rolled into one.  Yes, it can be pretty eclectic.  Parent tip: practice your story telling, because you'll never know when you willl be put on the spot by your 5-year-old.

4. SEE NEW PLACES- We think this is a favorite of everyone in our family.  Yes, some places can be boring for the little ones (like the Basketball Hall of Fame according to Erin), but who doesn't like discovering something new?!?  Making memories with the people you love in these new places will be cherished in your child's mind for a long time.  Parent tip: don't forget to take at least one photo.  And if you have a smaller child, a potty break upon arrival usually helps us feel like we can focus on the experience of the new place rather than wonder where that darn bathroom is, and when you and your 3 yr old will have to sprint to make it in time.

5. SPENDING TIME WITH MOMMY & DADDY- Okay, we have to admit, it made us tear up when Erin said this was her most favorite thing to do on a road trip.  Even during stressful events, quality family time is so special.  Erin guarantees that if you let your kid pack their own small bag of entertainment (with some parameters of course- no the pet fish can't go with us), your child will be 90% (yes that's what Erin said) happier in the car. Parent tip: Go to your local craft store or buy online and pick up a blank canvas bag.  Let your child decorate it with their markers at home so they feel they are helping to pack their own toys for the upcoming trip!  Our bag is about 14 x 16 inches in size.

Canvas Tote Bag


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