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Inspire your children to take far-off adventures in their imagination.  All of our new 2018 products in one spot for you to easily shop the latest releases from KidEssence.
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KidEssenceShop: Baby Toys - Crochet Stuffed Dinosaur
KidEssenceShop:  - Monkey Minky Blanket
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Monkey Minky Blanket
From $30.00
KidEssenceShop: Baby Toys - Baby Flamingo Lovey Blanket
KidEssenceShop:  - Alpaca Minky Blanket
Alpaca Minky Blanket
From $30.00
KidEssenceShop:  - Cop + Robbers Chalkboard
KidEssenceShop: Travel Toys - Monsters Travel Chalkboard
KidEssenceShop: Worry Animal - Super Girl Worry Doll
KidEssenceShop: Stuffed Animals - Stuffed Flamingo
KidEssenceShop: Baby Toys - Dinosaur Lovey
KidEssenceShop:  - Caticorn Minky Blanket
Crayons Travel Chalkboard
Super Girl Travel Chalkboard
KidEssenceShop: Baby Blanket - Caticorn Unikitty Minky Blanket
KidEssenceShop: Worry Animal - Yeti Worry Animal
KidEssenceShop: Worry Animal - Sloth Worry Animal
KidEssenceShop: Worry Animal - Owl Worry Animal
KidEssenceShop: dolls - African American Girl Doll
KidEssenceShop: Crochet Dolls - African American Boy Doll
KidEssenceShop: Stuffed Animals - Stuffed Alpaca
KidEssenceShop: Stuffed Animals - Stuffed Brown Bear
KidEssenceShop: Baby Toys - Brown Bear Lovey
KidEssenceShop: Stuffed Animals - Stuffed Pig
Stuffed Pig
From $38.50
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