Kid's Travel Chalkboard in Hand Prints


If you have a long trip ahead or you, or just craving an easy way to entertain your children that doesn't involve technology, this Handprints Travel Chalkboard will take you from frustrated to calm with a way to entertain your child even in a potentially stressful, public situations. Plus, it will encourage your child’s love of drawing and art in a purposeful, creative way as you live the beautiful everyday.

Made of quality cotton fabric and durable blackboard fabric, the travel mat rolls up and ties for easy storage and transportation in any standard backpack, purse, or diaper bag. Your child will be entertained for hours in the car, at a restaurant, or even in an airplane with the hours of play that can be had with this chalkboard! The handprints material is suitable for either boy or girl, and as a travel toy, it will last your kids for many years.

The travel chalkboard also makes a perfect, unique Christmas or birthday gift, and it makes a great party activity or party favor when bought as a set.

The travel chalkboard measures approximately 14 inches by 16 inches, and includes chalk and a matching soft fabric eraser. It also has an attached pocket sewn into the seam to store chalk and cloth eraser—along with any other treasure your kiddo might have to bring along.

This chalkboard is intended for children ages 2+ and ships in 3-5 business days.

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