Add to your baby’s collection of sweet, stuffed farm animal with this adorable crochet stuffed goat. Gray Crochet Goat is handmade with love and care, and he makes a great friend for your child’s menagerie of farm animals. Gentle and loving, this crochet goat will encourage imagination, creativity, and engagement as your child grows. 

This gray crochet stuffed goat is approximately 8 inches high, when in a sitting position, and 13 inches from head to toe. Made with love with a gray and cream worsted yarn. Encourages imaginative play and allowing your child to spread their wings with different interaction and play scenarios, this crochet goat will become your child’s new best friend.

Head, body, and legs are all stuffed with polyester fiberfill stuffing. Gray Goat makes a perfect baby gift or Easter gift, promising years of love and imaginative play.

This crochet goat is appropriate for babies and children of all ages (0+). Perfect as a lovey or friend for little minds to play, imagine, and love as they grow through childhood.

Machine washable on gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Ships in 3-5 business days.

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