Elephant Lovey Baby Blanket


Baby Elephant is the sweetest of creatures and an ideal animal for the handmade crochet lovey. Baby Elephant Lovey Baby Blanket is made of the softest white, gray, and either blue, pink, or yellow yarn. He is perfect for the Safari themed nursery or baby shower gift, and stuffed with hypoallergenic fill in the head and arms to give a plush and cuddly shape. Baby Elephant’s eyes are embroidered black yarn to give him a calm, sleepy (and the sweetest!) look on his face.

Measuring approximately 14 x 14 inches, this lovey is the perfect size for cuddling and imaginative play for babies under a year old, and it will grow with them as they play zoo life and the myriad of other “let’s play” scenarios as they grow through childhood. Available with a blue, pink, or yellow blanket. 

Elephant Lovey Blanket is appropriate for ages 0+ and ships in 3-5 business days.

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