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Kid's Lap Desk in Alphabet


What if there was something that helped you stay concentrated on the road, and arrive at your destination without feeling like you and the car drove through a tornado?

We all know the dread that accompanies a long trip to that exciting family vacation. Kid’s constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” and “Mommy, I dropped my crayon again!” By the time you arrive, you are exhausted, frustrated and one breathe away from screaming words to the little ones that create the heaviest stream of tears from their eyes. 

  Insert our Kid’s Lap Desk. 

 - The tray is a sturdy, smooth, magnetic surface offering endless options for entertainment from magnets, coloring, and eating snacks.
- It’s raised edges save your arm from the countless reaching behind to pick up the crayons that just rolled onto the floor.
- The side zippered pocket offers a within reach storage space for the little hands to grab whatever they need without distracting you.
- The removable pillow allows for easy machine wash cleaning from the dribbles of juice and cheerio crumbs devoured during the afternoon snack. (It also doubles as a travel pillow which means one less thing to pack!)

With a 9x13 inch working surface, your child can create and play for endless hours while their body is contained in their car seat. It’s the one item you won’t want to remove from the car.
*Intended for children ages 2+

Ships in 3-5 business days.

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