You two have read endless books together about the magical adventures of unicorns and all the places they have gone.  Her eyes light up at each page as she soaks up and memorizes that storyline.  Later, you see her acting out the story careful not to skip a scene.  She's obsessed and overjoyed that she can take her imagination to those same stories, but she's lacking one thing- the unicorn.

This unicorn can be her best friend, keeping her secrets, sharing her love, and going on trips far off into those magical stories together.  

Handmade with acrylic white, black, pink, yellow and rainbow yarns, our unicorn brings out the calm soft tones of this magical animal.

This stuffed unicorn has the option to add a rattle inside to help strengthen hand-eye coordination in young children.

Measuring at just 15 inches from head to toe, it's the perfect size for your princess to carry with her wherever she goes.

Stuffed with hypoallergenic fiber-fill, our unicorn is machine washable.  Making it easy for the parent to just toss in a mesh bag, wash on cold water with any load and tumble dry low.  

Appropriate for ages 0+


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